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Table of Contents

  1. Athlete Registration for Parents and Coaches
  2. Setting up a Tournament
  3. Using the Integrated Scoreboard

1. Athlete Registration for Parents and Coaches:

  1. Register for an account using the "Register" link in the left menu bar. You must provide a valid email address and contact information.
  2. Login as an administrator using the provided username and password that was sent to your email. Make sure you select the correct "League" that you want to register when logging in.
  3. When you login, you will be prompted to "select the tournament or team roster to edit". Select "Team Roster" from the pulldown menu and click "submit".
  4. Now you can start adding your athletes using the "Add Roster" and "Edit Roster" menu buttons.
  5. When you are done building your team roster, click on the "Select Event" menu and select the tournament which you want to pre-register.
  6. The "Add Roster" and "Edit Roster" menu buttons will now be used add and edit athletes for the selected event.
  7. To register an athlete from your team roster, click the checkbox on the desired athletes and hit the "Add Athletes" button in the "Add Roster" panel.
  8. If you click the "Select Event" menu button, you will see a list of athletes that are registered for the event.
  9. Once you are done registering the athletes, you can also pay for the registrations using the PayPal link in the "Select Event" panel.
  10. You can change your contact information by clicking on the "Edit Info" link in the menu bar. Please change the default password after your first login!

2. Setting up a Tournament

  1. The general flow for running a tournament is easy. You simply start at the top menu item in the menu bar and work your way down...
  2. Click the "Select Event" menu button and hit the "Add Event" button in the panel to create your tournament.
  3. Enter your tournament information in the panel:
    • Event Date - You can only create one tournament on each day. Tournament data is stored using each unique tournament date.
    • Event Name - This will be the tournament name displayed on the homepage and tournament pulldown list.
    • Location - Place where the tournament will be held, for example, "Laguna Hills High School" or "Rabobank Arena".
    • Address - Street address and city where the event will be held.
    • Enable pre-registration - Check to allow online registration. Uncheck to stop online registrations after your deadline expires.
    • Enable PayPal payment - Check to allow PayPal payments to your paypal account. You must have a matscores.com email alias to use this feature.
    • Enable challenge for 2nd - Check to enable a match for true 2nd place finish.
    • No BYEs for seeded wrestlers - Seeded wrestlers will get more matches to allow more possible scored points for "Outstanding wrestler" awards, etc.
    • Tournament Format - Dual Meet, Double Elimination with awards from 1st to 8th place, League registration only.
    • "League registration only" options is used for yearly league membership registration for leagues that require it.
  4. Once your new tournament is added, coaches and paraents can register their athletes online for your new event.
  5. Once your deadline for pre-registration expires, select your tournament in the "Select Event" pulldown menu and click submit.
    • Edit your event and uncheck the "Enable pre-registration" checkbox to disable people from registering after the deadline.
    • Push the "Import Athletes" button in the panel to import all of the pre-registered athletes. Make sure to check the box to really import.
    • Backup Data - Creates a backup of the current data. It is recommended to make a backup frequently to minimize the amount of data loss.
    • Restore Data - Allows you to restore tournament data from the backups.
    • Clear Data - Deletes match data for a specific mat.
    • Clear Brackets - Clears the brackets for the selected division.
  6. Use the "Add Roster" menu to add athletes at the tournament.
  7. After adding all athletes, click the "Edit Brackets" menu button to generate the brackets.
    • Group Selected - Manually forms a bracket for all the athletes that are selected using the checkboxes in the leftmost column.
    • You must check the "Force overwrite" checkbox for the "Group Selected" button to work if matches have already started.
    • Auto Group All - Automatically creates the brackects based on the selected parameters in the pulldown menus. You must check the "Enable auto group" checkbox for the button to work!
    • Seeds are randomally generated. You can override the seed by clicking on the "edit" button next to each athlete.
    • A round robin bracket is used for brackets with 4 athletes or less. Double elimination brackets are used for 5 or more athletes.
  8. After creating the brackets, click the "Edit Mats" menu to assign the brackets to a specific mat.
    • Use the checkboxes next to each bracket to select the brackets that you want to combine onto one mat.
    • Select the mat number from the pulldown menu.
    • Additionally, you can assign a group letter using the pulldown menu. Different divisions/sessions can use a different letter, for example use "A" for kids in the morning and afternoon letter "B" for high school divisions in the afternoon.
    • Click the "Assign Mat" button to put the select brackets on the chosen mat number and group letter.
    • Match/Bout numbers are automatically generated for each mat.
  9. The "Edit Scores" menu is used to enter match data.
    • Important: When using matside computers, login as "Scorekeeper" so those computers only have permission to edit scores only!
    • Print Brackets - Will open a new TAB with printer friendly brackets.
    • Print Bout Sheets - Wil open a new TAB with printer friendly bout sheets (4 per page).
    • Important: Please use FireFox web browser to print the brackets. Chrome web browser does not print the page breaks correctly!

3. Using the Integrated Scoreboard

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts:
    • Setting the clock: 1 = 0:30, 2 = 1:00, 3 = 1:30, ..., 9 = 4:30, 0 = 5:00
    • Setting the clock: right arrow = +1sec, left arrow = -1sec, up arrow = +10sec, down arrow = -10sec
    • Change Round Number: < = -1, > = +1
    • Save and Exit = ESC (left top corner of the keyboard)
  2. Scoreboard buttons:
    • Start/Stop = start and stop the timer
    • TD 2 = Takedown +2 points
    • NF 2 = Near fall +2 points
    • NF 3 = Near fall +3 points
    • RV 2 = Reversal +2 points
    • ES 1 = Escape +1 point
    • UNDO = Undo the last button press
    • CAU = Caution
    • TOP = Top position selected
    • NEU = Neutral position selected
    • BOT = Bottom position selected
    • RT 1 = Ride time +1 point
    • PE 1 = Penalty +1 point
  3. After the match is completed:
    1. Select the winner by clicking on the left or right radio button next to "SELECT".
    2. If the match is won by points, select "Decision" in the pulldown menu.
    3. If the match is won by Fall, select "Fall" in the pulldown menu and enter the time using the pulldown menus to the right.
    4. Additionally you can select: Disqualified, Forfeit (Default), Skip (to skip the match).
    5. Hit the "ESC" key (left top corner of the keyboard) to save the data and exit the scoreboard.
    6. Note: To exit the scoreboard, you must run the match or you can exit by selecting "Skip Match" in the drop down menu and then hit "ESC".

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